Resonance Dev nominated for 2 ITAP IT Awards
  • Resonance Dev nominated for 2 ITAP IT Awards
  • By: Ryan Palmer
  • June 25, 2014
  • The team at Resonance Development is pleased to be nominated for two awards at the 2014 ITAP IT Awards Gala, being held in Charlottetown on June 25th.

    Technology Application of the Year - Ooka Island Adventure (co-nominated)

    We are pleased to be co-nominated with Ooka Island for our contribution made to their Ooka Island Adventure product. We share this nomination with Diversified Metal Engineering, Coles Mussel Farm/Baseline Business Geographics, and PEI Home and School Federation.

    Ooka Island partnered with Resonance Development in 2013 to relaunch their web application, Ooka Island Lighthouse, that supports their two game applications. The Ooka Island Lighthouse is the client and administrative portal for managing accounts and players, for viewing player performance reports, and for accepting credit card payments and new account registrations. Their new Lighthouse is mobile-ready, and features richer report content over the legacy version of the Lighthouse.

    Resonance Development relaunched a streamlined credit card payment workflow in 2013 that has lead to a significant increase in sales conversions and account renewals. Resonance Development also designed and built a referral program for generating referral sales, and a marketing automation system that allows for highly targeted, transactional marketing.

    Ooka Island generates incredible amounts of data with its learn-to-read program, over 10,000 data points per student. Making sense of data at this scale has been a significant technical challenge for reading researchers. Resonance Development lead the effort of creating a scalable and performant system for analyzing this data by generating inferred student data in a repeatable analysis framework that will scale to many hundred million or perhaps billions of records, as the number of active users grows. The front end to this system, the Metrics Dash, allows for reading researchers to explore and develop new hypotheses directly, without the overhead of working with technical staff.

    The marketing automation system has formalized the process for improving user on-boarding experience and user retention. Automated marketing also targets lapsed accounts with special incentives to re-subscribe. Over 32,000 highly targeted and individualized emails have been delivered to date.

    The optimized payment workflow has processed thousands of successful transactions since implementation, and has proven to be a more agile payment solution for advanced marketing initiatives.

    The Metrics Dash was delivered in January 2014, and its use will pave the way for an abstracted system of interventions. Reading researchers are now able to analyze their data efficiently and effectively, and develop and prove new hypotheses that help improve their overall product and thus student learning outcomes. This “Big Data” solution developed by Resonance Development leverages industry best practices in the use Apache Hadoop with custom integration for Ooka Island’s enterprise database and Lighthouse web portal. It can be scaled up to analyze petabytes worth of data, with a predictable pay-as-you-go model.

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    Ooka Island Inc. is an early education company committed to providing research-based literacy programs for preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade students. The mission of Ooka Island is to ensure that all children have a solid foundation in reading at an early age so they can continue to learn without limitation.

    Exceptional Mobile or Web Application - Courses On Demand Video Learning Management System

    Resonance Development has been nominated for the industry-leading e-learning video platform called Courses On Demand built for Homburg Institute of Canada, a pioneer in post-secondary Real Estate education. We are pleased to share the nomation category with Get Gifted and ZED Creative.

    The Courses On Demand e-learning portal is for students and professionals seeking an economical and novel approach to career and professional development. A streamlined e-commerce flow developed by Resonance Development makes it as easy as possible to enrol and begin learning. Students are instantly brought to the course delivery platform so that they can begin consuming lectures and test material on demand. Accreditations with Real Estate associations worldwide lowers the cost of professional development requirements for their members.

    Numerous cloud technologies were leveraged to make this system scale and provide worldwide reach. In particular, Amazon Web Services was used for video encoding and secure, geographically distributed content delivery. The platform is mobile friendly, and students are free to pause and resume course content consumption from multiple computers or mobile devices.

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    Homburg Academy is a university headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Academy’s mission is to provide rigorous, yet accessible, higher education in real estate. The Homburg Academy aims to produce graduates who have highly developed skills by bringing to bear multi-disciplinary insights to the management of complex international real estate issues. Homburg Academy also publishes the Advances in Real Estate book series through Homburg/Oxford University Press.