Ooka Island Lighthouse Portal
Django, E-commerce, Client Portal, Cloud computing, Hosted solutions, and Responsive Design

As seen on Dragons’ Den! Ooka Island is an internationally recognized learn-to-read system for ages 3-7. Their new client portal is a modern and agile take on their original system, and was built with future growth in mind.

Ooka Island’s learn-to-read video game runs on PC or Mac, and connects to a central database to guide players through their most optimal learning path. This connection collects a lot of performance data for each player, and is of great use to the parents and educators overseeing their child’s learning through Ooka Island.

The Ooka Island Lighthouse is their reporting portal for managing their account and reporting portal for viewing player performance.

Resonance Development was responsible for the Django application development for this project.

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Ooka Island Lighthouse Portal